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Get data from any website  
The way you need it.

Get structured data from websites through our cloud based web scraping platform. No coding, Servers or Expensive Softwares required.

Data your way or Money back.


Datahut - Your personal assistant for getting web data.

Datahut takes the chaos out of web data extraction so that you can focus on growing your business. Here are four things we do better that makes us different from other data extraction companies.

Clean Data or Money back.

Our team & Q&A process ensures 100% data integrity. Get data as CSV / JSON files, or use our APIs to pull data. Clean data guaranteed, or money back .Period!

Get Maximum coverage

Never miss a critical piece of data because your DIY software can't do it. Our technology is capable of extracting data from extremely complex websites

All the support, No Trade-offs

We pride ourselves on being a customer first company. Our team of experts will work directly with you to make sure that you get what you asked for. No Trade-offs!

You don't want to get locked

How do you get business critical data if the vendor discontinue their service? You won't be having this problem with Datahut. Get in touch us to learn more.

Our process makes web data extraction painless

We extract and deliver millions of records from hundreds of websites every day 24*7. Some of the worlds best companies trust Datahut for getting business critical data from the internet. Our battle tested process makes data extraction as smooth as it can get. Try us.


Share your problem with us.

Share the details of your data extraction problem with us. Our team of experts are always ready to help you solve them


We will find a solution.

Our data mining engineers will directly work with you to understand your problem and they will build a solution that works.


Get data - hassle free.

We'll get the data the way you need it, whenever you need it. You can focus on growing the business while we take care of the data.

What Our Clients Say


Flavio Ortolano


My team had a tremendous task ahead of them as we needed to import over 5 thousand products from our wholesale supplier’s website on to our local database. So website crawling and data scraping was the logical path to take. As I contacted several companies out there which offered such services, no one came close to the agility, price, efficiency and quality deliverables as DataHut did. These guys answered me in minutes where others took several days. They assessed my needs with solid technical expertize, and provided me with a very competitive quote. The entire process was smooth, clear and fast from end-to-end. The team at DataHut are the real deal and I strongly recommend their services.

What sites can We scrape for You?

We can help you get web data without the need to worry about the complexities of web data extraction. Share your problem using the form below and relax. Our experts will get back to you with a solution that works.

Data the way you need it or 100% Money back.

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