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Apply To Become a Datahut Startup Partner

We help  startups build data augmented products by giving them access to web data. Eligible startups can get upto 100K free data credits.


Why become a Datahut startup partner


Get Data at discounted rates :


Datahut gets up to one 100K free data credits for eligible startups. This will help you test the business viability of your startup. Once the free credits are used up, you can still get the data at 10% discounted rate .  


Build apps fast


Build apps faster with Datahut platform being the data backbone. You can focus on solving the core problem while Datahut gets you web data feeds. This enables you to minimize time to market.  


Get Premium support


Our startup partners get premium support without any additional costs.  That’s sweet isn’t it?


Are you Interested? Write to us to

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