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Become a Datahut Partner

Datahut helps companies get data from the web at scale through our cloud-based data mining platform. We’re working with fortune 100’s, SME’s and early-stage startups helping them get access to web data.

Our highly scalable data mining platform enables customers to access large amounts of structured data from the web. By helping people use data more effectively, our solutions can deliver significant value to virtually any business.  Datahut works closely with a number of technology providers, across various industries, giving customers access to ready-to-consume web data.

Here are the three types of Partner programs:


Consulting Partner


Our customers often ask for help with the development of innovative software products on top of the data feeds and APIs from Datahut. If you are offering big data consulting, data visualization solutions, machine learning, or software development consulting you can apply to become a consulting partner. We have many customers from the fortune 100 and this could be an opportunity to take your consulting business to the next level.


Value-added reselling partner


Can you sell your products as an upsell or fix missing value proposition using web data? If you can, we should talk. We already have partners developing and selling great solutions for enterprises using our data feeds. Come join the club.


Referral partner


Our referral partners provide Datahut with sales leads and earn a healthy referral commission as Datahut wins deals.


What our partners get

  • Ability to extend your product to solve bigger customer needs

  • Visibility for your product or service through our sales & Marketing Channels

  • Sales commissions

  • Access to a business and partner support team

  • Early briefings and updates on new products and strategy

  • New revenue streams

Write an email to, wed love to talk to you.

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