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SERP Tracking

Digital marketing companies use our SERP tracking data feed to find search rankings and search performance. Here are some problems we help solve.

Automate crawling search engines

Automate your search engine crawling using our platform. It works with multiple search engines and provides data at any scale.

SERP Tracking

Our SERP data feeds gives companies access to Search Engine rankings of any keywords from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Improving Reliability

SERP tracking needs to be reliable and our specially designed infrastructure ensures both reliability, scale and speed.

Reducing Cost

We help online Marketing companies reduce the cost of extracting SERP results at large scale

What Our Clients Say


Flavio Ortolano


My team had a tremendous task ahead of them as we needed to import over 5 thousand products from our wholesale supplier’s website on to our local database. So website crawling and data scraping was the logical path to take. As I contacted several companies out there which offered such services, no one came close to the agility, price, efficiency and quality deliverables as DataHut did. These guys answered me in minutes where others took several days. They assessed my needs with solid technical expertize, and provided me with a very competitive quote. The entire process was smooth, clear and fast from end-to-end. The team at DataHut are the real deal and I strongly recommend their services.

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